Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Swiftec - New update, new module, new solutions!



This release comes with a lot of news. As we continue to evolve with the automotive market and following the requests of our customers, we prepared a new module named Active Grille Shutter (AGS) Removal and a nice pack of solutions for our community.

The AGS Removal module is a new type of automatic solution added to the Swiftec Software that allows the user to take care of malfunctions created by this system. As the Active Grille Shutter performs an automatic opening or closing of the shutters, based in real-time needs. Some times the actuator from this mecatronic system fails, and using the one-click Swiftec AGS Removal module, you will be able to solve the problem in a few seconds.

In this update there are many new solutions – 129 new solutions and 172 updates! For example, for Burbles Activation, DTC Removal, Hot Start Fix, Lambda/O2 Removal and Speed Limiter Removal modules! And don’t forget… We also updated a big number of solutions, provider better and more reliable firmware modifications.

Everyone knows that Swiftec Software is the “Click & Go” of the tuning market. Our automatic solutions allow our users to get a great solution to their problems of the daily job.

Join our community and enjoy the best solutions and support in the world!

Please check carefully the list below, so you do not skip any of those unique solutions and so you can make your customers completely satisfied with Swiftec help!


Thursday, September 9, 2021

Swiftec Lots of new and updated solutions!



As always, Swiftec Software is constantly improving, looking in future and preparing the best features for its community!

Proudly, we present you one more release full of new solutions for a wide list of ECUs, bringing also new vehicles to our coverage, and increasing the quality of our previous solutions by implementing a lot of updates. This time our support and development team prepared 297 solutions for our community!

Everyone in this market knows that DTC removal is one of the hardest jobs to make with perfection. And, in this area, we are the best! Our DTC Removal Module has a great coverage and now it was improved even more. We added new vehicle brands, new ECUs and a lot of new firmware. This will make your job much easier.

And by talking in turning a hard job in a more simple one... Everyone knows that Swiftec Software is the “Click & Go” of the tuning market. Our automatic solutions, split among our modules, allow our users to get a great solution to their problems of the daily job.

For that we have modules like DPF Removal, Hot Start Fix, Speed Limiter Removal, ADBlue Removal, Burbles Activation, Torque Monitoring Disable or Readiness Calibration, for example, that keep getting updates and new options, covering more and more vehicles from different types and extending the coverage to various brands and models of ECUs.

Join our community and enjoy the best solutions and support in the world!

If there is something that you would like to have covered by Swiftec Software or updated in the future, don't worry. We will continue to increase our list of solutions and their effectiveness in the next updates!

Here is the complete list for this update:

Monday, July 19, 2021

Swiftec Ultimate Upgrade!



It has been a few months since the last update of Swiftec Software, but we have been working hard all this time to prepare something really cool for our users.

After a lot of work, we can present you a Swiftec Software version that you will be able to use with with a much higher performance, reliability and security in Windows 10! And also, if you are always looking ahead to the future, you can use it in Windows 11 (build 22000)! You will be amazed with the performance improvement of this version! We made some tests and, in some cases, it is up to 2250% faster! Swiftec Software processes a lot of complex functionalities and data, so sometimes it took some minutes to process some modules in one time... But not now! Now it takes just a few seconds! It is SUPER FAST!

During this time we also made a remarkable growth in our solutions. This update brings a new record. It counts with 550 solutions, split by many modules, vehicle brands and ECUs. 286 of those are new solutions. We prepared the best solutions for you by improving the coverage of Swiftec Software solutions, as long of its quality and supported firmware.

Once more, DTC Module is in big shape: 96 solutions, 11 new and 85 fixes. But it is closely followed by Lambda/O2 Removal with 86 solutions and Burbles Activation with 67 solutions. This is the podium of this release. These modules have a lot of news for many vehicles like, for example, BMW Motorrad, Audi, Aston Martin, Cadillac, Ferrari, Ford, Geely, KIA, KTM, Lexus, MCLAREN, Mercedes, Porsche, Volkswagen, ...

But don’t forget about the other Modules like Secondary Air Pump Removal, Exhaust Flap Removal, EVAP Removal, GPF/OPF Removal, Burbles Activation, Popcorn Activation, Cold Start Noise Reduction, Kickdown Deactivation, Readiness Calibration, Sport Displays Calibration, Hot Start Fix, Immo Removal, Boost Sensor Calibration, TVA Removal, Torque Monitoring Disable, Flaps / Swirl Removal, MAF Removal Module, StartStop Disable, DTC Removal, ADBlue Removal, DPF Removal 2.0, EGR Removal, Speed Limiter Removal or Lambda/O2 Removal. All of them bring a very big variety of new solutions and fixes.

At the start of this month, we created the official Swiftec group in Facebook: Swiftec Community! We want to create a true community, a place where you can ask questions or help other members, check news or simply share your experience in this area.

You can check the Swiftec Community group by clicking here.

Here is a Big Thank You to all of our customers that were immediately available to test the beta version and that helped us prepare and fix this update. Now we can say even with more certainty that Swiftec is a software made by tuners, with tuners and for tuners.

Here is the complete list for this update:

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Swiftec - Many new and updated solutions waiting for you!

Swiftec Software continues to improve its coverage, support and quality, providing more and better solutions to our customers.

This release is another big one, counting 294 new and updated solutions!

From those 294, there are 84 new solutions! You can find them in many different modules, like Lambda/O2 Removal, Burbles Activation, ADBlue Removal, EGR Removal, Hot Start Fix, Speed Limiter Removal, DPF Removal 2.0, …

But do not forget about the updates ones. We made a big improvement on the coverage of our solutions, so that our software can support more and more firmwares. For example, DTC Removal has 45 updates and ADBlue Removal has 43! There are other modules with many updates also, like DPF Removal 2.0 or EGR Removal. All together it goes up to 210 updated solutions, applied in many different vehicle brands / groups and ECUs.

Swiftec Software also go some updates, mainly related to the information messages presented to the users. This was made to give the users a better and more intuitive experience when they are working with our software.

Following the application update, we also updated our ticket system, so it becomes easier to create a ticket based on the output of Swiftec Software. All of this will allow the user to make more precise tickets, having a better and fast reply to them.

Join our community and enjoy the best solutions and support in the world!

You must use the best ECU editing software if you want to be a professional in the chip-tuning this market! Use SWIFTEC SOFTWARE!

Made by tuners for tuners! Forget The Limits!

As usually, you can check our complete list of changes below.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Swiftec - New Year Release! New Record! 300+ New and Updated solutions!


This year we wanted to start big! Swiftec forgot the limits and pushed the boundaries of solutions in a release! So we were able to establish a new record. Ladies and Gentlemen, in this release we launched 301 solutions, 76 of with are new ones, split by different modules and for many vehicle brands.

This time, one of the most improved modules was Hot Start Fix, with 19 new solutions. Now it has support for more a few Bosch EDC17 ECUs used in vehicles like Alfa Romeo, BMW, Chevrolet, Fiat, Ford and VAG.

Other modules coverage and support have been improved a lot also, like DTC Removal, DPF Removal 2.0, Lambda/O2 Removal, Burbles Activation and EGR Removal modules. These 5 modules updates go up to 217 solutions. From those 38 are new solutions for a wide range of vehicles and engine control units. But we can not forget the other solutions that were updated. These ones are now much better and precise, making an even better job to solve many problems.

In a vast variety of solutions, we added also some solutions for vehicle brands like Bentley, Cadillac, Pellenc and Takeuchi.

Again, we continued to improve the coverage, support and quality of our product, providing the best and even more solutions to our customers, helping them on their daily jobs just by making a few clicks.

If you want to be a professional in the chip-tuning business area, you must use the best ECU editing software available on the market! SWIFTEC SOFTWARE!

Join our community and enjoy the best solutions and support in the world!

Here is the complete list for this release:

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Swiftec Black Friday Release! 260+ Solutions!


SWIFTEC SOFTWARE is always evolving, innovating, growing and bringing more useful and better features in every release!

This release brings 264 updates, and yes, as usually, at the distance of One Click!

Our technical support and R&D teams works tirelessly so that SWIFTEC customers always have their expectations and needs fulfilled.

Once again Burbles Activation is one of the most popular modules, having 11 new solutions for several vehicle brands and groups like, for example, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Porsche, PSA or VGA...

Check ADBlue Removal Module, DPF Removal 2.0, EGR Removal, Flaps / Swirl Removal, Lambda/O2 Removal, Popcorn Activation and Speed Limiter Removal as these modules were upgraded a lot in this release, having lots of new and fixed solutions.

As usual, DTC Removal Module improved a lot its support, bringing 68 updates, so we can give the best to our customers by having more precise and correct solutions. Another great point related to DTC module in this release is the fact that now SWIFTEC SOFTWARE covers DTCs in BMW with BOSCH DCU17PC41 and MERCEDES with BOSCH DCU17PC42, thanks to the cooperation with the great team of VF2 Flasher who provided us early access to the first in world complete reads, done by them over Bench mode.

If you are a professional in the chip-tuning business area or if you want to start in this market, you must use the best ECU editing software tool available on the market! SWIFTEC SOFTWARE!

Check our Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions! Buy Swiftec Software, upgrade your pack, get credits, ... We prepared great and unique discounts for our community! UP TO 30% DISCOUNT!!! Only between November 27th and 30th!!!

Enjoy the huge amount of exclusive solutions that you can get from SWIFTEC SOFTWARE, and turn the job that was previously very hard in a very simple single operation.

Here is the complete list for this update:

Monday, October 19, 2020

Swiftec Halloween Release! Check 200+ Solutions!


Another release, another proof that Swiftec is the must have tuning software on an workshop! One more time we prepared 200+ solutions just for you!

We continue to add and update solutions to provide the best product on market to our customers. Every release our solutions cover more and more needs for our community!

Check ADBlue Removal Module, DPF Removal 2.0 Module, EGR Removal Module and Lambda/O2 Removal Module as they were upgraded a lot this release, with both new and fixed solutions.

Once more, one of our exclusive modules is one of the most popular ones. Burbles Activation Module! It brings 9 new solutions and 11 fixed ones, covering different vehicle brands and ECUs. We also improved our solutions coverage in Boost Sensor Calibration Module by adding 5 new solutions.

DTC Removal Module continues to grow in coverage and support, so customers can get more correct and precise solutions.

Do not miss our updates! We have more than 1 400 solutions developed only this year! Just for you!

And... Happy Halloween!

Complete list of changes is below as usually!

Monday, September 21, 2020

Swiftec - 200+ New and Updated solutions!


This new update is another proof that Swiftec is the best tuning software on market, made by tuners for tuners! Forget The Limits!

Our focus is always the best for our customers. So we never stop adding solutions and we keep moving forward! We are constantly preparing new and better solutions to cover more and more needs for our community!

This time we are proud to present more than 200 solutions.

One of the most popular modules is Burbles Activation Module, that has 9 new solutions, covering different vehicle brands and ECUs. We also improved our solutions coverage in Flaps / Swirl Removal Module by adding 8 new solutions.

Please check also our developments in DTC Removal Module, as we added support for 21 new brands / ECUs and improved other 50 solutions so our customers can get more correct and precise solutions.

Take a look at our new and fixed solutions in DPF Removal 2.0 Module, EGR Removal Module, Speed Limiter Removal Module, Lambda/O2 Removal Module as we also improved those modules a lot this release.

Do not miss our updates! We have more than 1 200 solutions developed only this year, just for you!

Complete list of changes is below as usually!

Monday, August 17, 2020

Swiftec Happy Summer Release!


Summer... Sun... Beach... No, that is not for Swiftec! Never stopping, doing the best for our customers, constantly improving and moving forward! We proudly present the new HAPPY SUMMER update, including 100 new features + above 100 improved solutions!


There are lots of HOT solutions for Burbles and Popcorn modules! DTC Removal supports now more of the last generation of Bosch MD1 ECUs and also Siemens SID3xx has a much better coverage. Lambda/O2 Removal module also continues to greatly extend support of different and even rare ECUs.


Swiftec is an handy and a must have tool to every mechatronic engineer, with huge coverage of vehicles and unreal amount of solutions for them. Only since the start of this year, Swiftec got more than 1200 new and updated solutions! Save time and money, stop buying files, become a professional, Swiftec will help!


Please check this release complete list of update below!

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Swiftec Get more than 200 new and updated solutions!

In this new release there are more than 200 new and improved solutions, all of them already available for download as result of an incredible work made by our development, research and support teams! We will highlight some most interesting and imporant solutions present on this release.
Now GPF/OPF Removal Module has support for FORD with BOSCH MG1CS016, HYUNDAI with SIEMENS SIM2K-250!
For Burbles Activation Module we added support for ALFA ROMEO with BOSCH ME7.9.10, and took a deeper look at VAG with Siemens Simos 8.x and 18.x families, also extending the coverage.
DTC Removal Module supports now LAND ROVER with BOSCH MED17.8.3 and PORSCHE with BOSCH MG1CS047!
In EGR and Flaps / Swirl Removal Module, we have developed completely new solutions for OPEL with BOSCH EDC16C9 / EDC16C39, improving the precision of the changes applied to have the best final result. Also in EGR, we introduced support for MERCEDES TRUCK with TEMIC MCM!
Another good news are ADBlue Removal Module support for BMW with BOSCH MD1CP002, JCB with DELPHI DCM3.3 and KAMAZ with CUMMINS CM2880.
Speed Limiter Removal Module now can be used for HYUNDAI with DELPHI DCM3.7.
Last but not the least, many solutions were added to Readiness Calibration Module and Lambda/O2 Removal Module!
As usually, you can check our complete list of changes below!