Monday, May 22, 2017

Swiftec New and unqiue solutions! Caterpillar ADAM is already here!

Again new update and new unique solutions are available also, as always lots of research has been done and as result we now have support by DTC Removal Module for newest Mercedes with Delphi CRD3.E1 ECUs, finally after months of testing we have complete DPF, EGR and DTC solutions for Ford and Jaguar with Delphi MPC555  this are quite old cars but still very requested ones by our costumers and because of them we made this unique possibility in Swiftec, we continue to browse Cummins ECUs world and new solutions for CM850 and CM2350 have been added, another great point of current release is research done on Caterpillar equipped with CAT ADAM ECUs, and we have TVA, DPF and EGR OFF solutions ready for them also! This are only the main things we developed between many other improvements, like SPEED OFF for Polaris with Bosch ME17 or Ford with Visteon EECVI, but full list of solutions can be found as usually below!