Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Swiftec - New update, new module, new solutions!



This release comes with a lot of news. As we continue to evolve with the automotive market and following the requests of our customers, we prepared a new module named Active Grille Shutter (AGS) Removal and a nice pack of solutions for our community.

The AGS Removal module is a new type of automatic solution added to the Swiftec Software that allows the user to take care of malfunctions created by this system. As the Active Grille Shutter performs an automatic opening or closing of the shutters, based in real-time needs. Some times the actuator from this mecatronic system fails, and using the one-click Swiftec AGS Removal module, you will be able to solve the problem in a few seconds.

In this update there are many new solutions – 129 new solutions and 172 updates! For example, for Burbles Activation, DTC Removal, Hot Start Fix, Lambda/O2 Removal and Speed Limiter Removal modules! And don’t forget… We also updated a big number of solutions, provider better and more reliable firmware modifications.

Everyone knows that Swiftec Software is the “Click & Go” of the tuning market. Our automatic solutions allow our users to get a great solution to their problems of the daily job.

Join our community and enjoy the best solutions and support in the world!

Please check carefully the list below, so you do not skip any of those unique solutions and so you can make your customers completely satisfied with Swiftec help!