Monday, March 25, 2013

Swiftec v1.8.8.3 - VAS Import Module, Lots of New DTC OFF additions

As we said before we have still many things to be released into Swiftec and this is only part of it!

After long time working and some burned eyebrows :) we managed to introduce one more unique feature in Swiftec!

This time our Research Department was dedicated to obtain from Official VAS Calibration DVD the original files contained in there!

As result new module provided to our customers - VAS Import Module! (SGO,FRF,SOX file types supported)
This module opens lots of new prespectives for their users:
- Upgrading/downgrading a engine control module to latest/oldest software to obtain latest softwares released by manufacturer.
- ECUs not possible to be readed and programmed yet, tuners can start preparing tunes and checking files.
- Fix ECUs by restoring full original files to PROCESSOR/EPROM and this way get a full original working file.

IMPORTANT: This module is ONLY avaiable for FULL PACK customers!

We have also been increasing our range of supported Cars/ECUs brand new DTC OFF Module introduced last release!

Sure, as always, lots of new, improved and fixed solutions for DPF OFF Module!