Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Swiftec - Many new and updated solutions waiting for you!

Swiftec Software continues to improve its coverage, support and quality, providing more and better solutions to our customers.

This release is another big one, counting 294 new and updated solutions!

From those 294, there are 84 new solutions! You can find them in many different modules, like Lambda/O2 Removal, Burbles Activation, ADBlue Removal, EGR Removal, Hot Start Fix, Speed Limiter Removal, DPF Removal 2.0, …

But do not forget about the updates ones. We made a big improvement on the coverage of our solutions, so that our software can support more and more firmwares. For example, DTC Removal has 45 updates and ADBlue Removal has 43! There are other modules with many updates also, like DPF Removal 2.0 or EGR Removal. All together it goes up to 210 updated solutions, applied in many different vehicle brands / groups and ECUs.

Swiftec Software also go some updates, mainly related to the information messages presented to the users. This was made to give the users a better and more intuitive experience when they are working with our software.

Following the application update, we also updated our ticket system, so it becomes easier to create a ticket based on the output of Swiftec Software. All of this will allow the user to make more precise tickets, having a better and fast reply to them.

Join our community and enjoy the best solutions and support in the world!

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As usually, you can check our complete list of changes below.