Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Swiftec v1.8.9.3 As always new things and improvenments!

We have been working hard to maintain Swiftec consistancy in updates and since some time ago we have been doing internal weekly and public monthly accumulated updates. Its hard job for us, but we have with no doubts that Swiftec customers deserve it.

This time we concentrated mainly in improving our current solutions and of course in adding some new ones. But we will have many surprises in future, surprises that will redefine the way tuning is acctually done and for shure will make our costumers really happy, but it will of course be bad for people that dont like Swiftec :)

One more time we like to thank all our customers! Without their confidance all this would not be possible. Special thanks on this release goes to Joao, Ernesto, Chris, Claus, Richard and Yan!

New Features