Monday, July 19, 2021

Swiftec Ultimate Upgrade!



It has been a few months since the last update of Swiftec Software, but we have been working hard all this time to prepare something really cool for our users.

After a lot of work, we can present you a Swiftec Software version that you will be able to use with with a much higher performance, reliability and security in Windows 10! And also, if you are always looking ahead to the future, you can use it in Windows 11 (build 22000)! You will be amazed with the performance improvement of this version! We made some tests and, in some cases, it is up to 2250% faster! Swiftec Software processes a lot of complex functionalities and data, so sometimes it took some minutes to process some modules in one time... But not now! Now it takes just a few seconds! It is SUPER FAST!

During this time we also made a remarkable growth in our solutions. This update brings a new record. It counts with 550 solutions, split by many modules, vehicle brands and ECUs. 286 of those are new solutions. We prepared the best solutions for you by improving the coverage of Swiftec Software solutions, as long of its quality and supported firmware.

Once more, DTC Module is in big shape: 96 solutions, 11 new and 85 fixes. But it is closely followed by Lambda/O2 Removal with 86 solutions and Burbles Activation with 67 solutions. This is the podium of this release. These modules have a lot of news for many vehicles like, for example, BMW Motorrad, Audi, Aston Martin, Cadillac, Ferrari, Ford, Geely, KIA, KTM, Lexus, MCLAREN, Mercedes, Porsche, Volkswagen, ...

But don’t forget about the other Modules like Secondary Air Pump Removal, Exhaust Flap Removal, EVAP Removal, GPF/OPF Removal, Burbles Activation, Popcorn Activation, Cold Start Noise Reduction, Kickdown Deactivation, Readiness Calibration, Sport Displays Calibration, Hot Start Fix, Immo Removal, Boost Sensor Calibration, TVA Removal, Torque Monitoring Disable, Flaps / Swirl Removal, MAF Removal Module, StartStop Disable, DTC Removal, ADBlue Removal, DPF Removal 2.0, EGR Removal, Speed Limiter Removal or Lambda/O2 Removal. All of them bring a very big variety of new solutions and fixes.

At the start of this month, we created the official Swiftec group in Facebook: Swiftec Community! We want to create a true community, a place where you can ask questions or help other members, check news or simply share your experience in this area.

You can check the Swiftec Community group by clicking here.

Here is a Big Thank You to all of our customers that were immediately available to test the beta version and that helped us prepare and fix this update. Now we can say even with more certainty that Swiftec is a software made by tuners, with tuners and for tuners.

Here is the complete list for this update: