Thursday, May 28, 2015

Swiftec - New and Improved solutions for many modules.

StartStop Disable module *NEW*
Support for VAG with Bosch EDC17_C46 and EDC17C64 has been added!
More variations of BMW with Bosch EDC17_CP02, EDC17_CP09, EDC17_CP45, EDC17_C06,
   EDC17_C41, EDC17_C50 and EDC17_C56 has been added!

ADBlue Removal module
Support for Fendt with Bosch EDC17CV52 has been added!
Support for Mazda with Denso has been added!
    *IMPORTANT* Solution require ADBlue ECU near exhaust pipes have be disconnected!

Flaps Removal module
Support for VAG with Bosch EDC17_CP14 has been added! Actuator plug must be disconnected!