Thursday, November 29, 2012

Swiftec v1.8.7.8 DSG Launch control and much more!

As usually, new version of Swiftec is released with plenty of improvements and extra features!

Yes, we know it tooked more time than usual but due to cracking attempts, security efforts, and laywers actions, we were forced to improve Swiftec and at same time work against all this situations. Our efforts are directioned first of all to our costumers and their protection against does that want to get all for free, and secondly to Swiftec itself we want to keep the safest possible against piracy.
Bad news we know, some of our customers were involved in cracking attempts, but thanks to does who informed us about it all of does crackers had Swiftec license discarded and our lawyers are now working on it. We would like remember,that even spreading Swiftec software files is not legal! To prevent unknown complicity to cracking, we recommend not to use any cracked software, install antivirus and do not store password in browsers to access our site, otherwise we will have cancel your license also!
We have plenty of new things to be released including unique solutions not yet available in market but unfortunatly and still due to all this cracking attempts only on future versions of Swiftec will support them.
We would also like to inform that from now on Swiftec will only run if a connection to internet is available. So we advise all costumers that still want to work offline with swiftec to keep older version.

This release includes many special things as complete automatic launch control creation for Temic DSG6 GearBoxes!
New map packs including many DSG maps such Maximum allowed Nm, Upshifting , Downshifting, etc...
Next is finally solved DPF OFF for Honda EDC17 and Opel EDC17, and much more new solutions for DPF OFF have been developed!
Windows 8 support and more languages support have been added, French and Polish! If you would like help us translate Swiftec to your homeland language, you're welcome also!
Sure lots new automatic maps recognition has been added and some O2 OFF solutions.

Of course this release would be hard to be imagined as ready without the help of our customers, and in this version our greetings and thanks fly to Arkadiusz, Augustin, Grezgorz, Joao, Kenny, Maury, Mickael, Miguel, Navdeep, Stan, Vitoldas and sure all others for supporting us!