Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Swiftec - SAP Removal Module is here!

Constantly innovating, constantly improving, constantly looking in future! It's everything about Swiftec and this release is another proof of it! Proudly, we are ready to present to you our new module - Secondary Air Pump Removal Module (SAP Removal Module), that already comes with a wide coverage of ECUs, which we will continue to increase in next updates!
Beside of that, as Burbles Activation Module has become a VERY POPULAR module and, as we are always looking for your needs, this time we prepared new solutions for it, for example, VAG with BOSCH MED17.1.27, MED17.1.62 and MG1CS011! And also for KIA, Land Rover, Mitsubishi and PSA!
Many new solutions for DTC, EGR, LAMBDA and Speed Limiter Removal Modules have been added! Please check carefully the list below, so you do not skip any of those unique solutions and so you can make your customers completely satisfied with Swiftec help!