Monday, November 16, 2015

Swiftec - New "cookies" for Lexus and Toyota on Denso!

New EGR OFF solution, new and improved maps detections with conversion values!
After spending some time analising Lexus and Toyota with Denso on our workshop we are now able to provide a unique EGR OFF solution, forget erasing DTCs, forget install blaniking plates! Our unique switch solution will make EGR OFF for Lexus and Toyota smooth and easy for our costumers!
As subject is "on fire" we also have been working in improving our automatic recognition maps solution to make it as good as possible for our costumers and we are now able to provide more maps with more accurate description and optimized conversion values!
We will continue to develop this Lexus and Toyota module during next days and hopefully soon more news will arraive... with Swiftec... Forget the Limits!

EGR Removal Module
New solution for Lexus with Denso has been introduced!
New solution for Toyota with Denso has been introduced!

Automatical Map Recognition Module
Optimized conversion values for Lexus with Denso has been added!
Optimized conversion values for Toyota with Denso has been added!
Additional limiters and maps for Lexus with Denso has been added!
 Additional limiters and maps for Toyota with Denso has been added!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Swiftec - Launch Control, AntiLag and NoLiftShit is available for VAG MED9! And sure lots of updates!

Swiftec update is out today! As usually it includes lots of new features and improvements for existing modules! But this time we prepared some special thing for our customers,a very nice feature related to VAG MED9 ECUs -  it's now possible for any Swiftec customer to request MED9 files with extra injected code into original software that will enable lots of new functions in ECU, together with this new file we produce a special map pack that will enable customers to control all this new functions, how to activate, how to react, if with hard cut or normal cut , etc...
This is a module still in development and more new things will be added in future!
As always we would like thanks all our customers for your support, and especially Aleksej and Aysen!