Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Swiftec Full Electric and Hybrid READY! BMS/BPCM Recovery Module!


Swiftec Software v2.0.4.0 is the last release in 2021! Lets see what Santa brings this time?

In 2021, we finish the same way as we started. In big!… We prepared a great release for you to enjoy and you can not miss it!

Swiftec Software continues to innovate, it is going to this new Era of hybrid and electric vehicles and it is adapting to the future. With this update we are proudly present support for control units which are used to manage that kind of vehicles. Thanks to the cooperation with VF2 Flasher we were able to create a gift for our customers! Exclusive support for the range of Full Electric and Hybrid control modules: Fiat and Porsche with Bosch BPCM, PSA with BOSCH HV17.4.1, SMART with BOSCH BMS and VAG with BOSCH INVCON 2.x!

What is the “cherry” of the update is our new module: the BMS (Battery Management System) / BPCM ( Battery pack control module) Recovery Module!

BMS / BPCM is the unit responsible to manage critical parameters in batteries from hybrid or electric vehicles, such as voltage, temperature and current, for example. When this unit detects some anomaly, it triggers a safe mode. Even when the battery is replaced, this unit keeps raising the problem. To escape those problems, BMS/BPCM Recovery Module will allow the costumers to restore those units without replacing them for new ones.

But is not only that... Again and again we improve the Swiftec Software coverage so you can have the best and the fastest tuning editor in the market and save a lot of time and trouble, solving problems with a click! This release once more we crossed the border of 300 new and updated solutions.

You will be able to find 107 new solutions and 194 fixes, split among the Swiftec Software modules, like ADBlue Removal, Burbles Activation, DPF Removal 2.0, DTC Removal, EGR Removal or Lambda/O2 Removal, for example. Swiftec solutions had a big improvement and boost this release to cover new firmware and more variations of the existing ones.

Forget The Limits! Thank you for all of your support!


Here is the complete list for this update: