Friday, September 26, 2014

Swiftec - Ready for download!

As promissed since release of Swiftec, we do not intend to stop developing it!
The DTC detection algorithm for EDC17 that was introduced as a new feature in the previous Swiftec release was updated to increase the number of supported firmware variations.
After some burned eyes working nights and days we changed the detection algorithm, it is now based  on a new analyzer core developed especially for firmware families that are runs on Tricore-based hardware.
This will reduce a risk of false positive detection of data entities. The algo was designed as a scalable solution, this detector will now become as a base for variety of unified solutions intended to make any kind of widely demanded tuning actions such as EGR-, DPF- and DTC off faster, much simply and more accurately.
The good news is that this new algo its not limited only on EDC17, it will include all other modern ECUs based Tricore MCUs. This means many nice news are still to come!
Another important breaktrough done by our R&D department is that we managed to make much deeper and more detailed analysis of EDC16 and EDC17 firmware execution logic on a individual subsystems context.
We would like also to inform that we are now able to locate a set of features that will help all costumers to make an effective solution that allow to fully remove EGR functionality not acting on DTCS but on it is real subsytem functionalities.
For this to become a real breakthrough we need help from costumers to participate with us in the development process.
We are requiring costumers that have EDC16/EDC17 cars and  are able to do small tests on some ecu functions as EGR, Lambda (O2), Flaps, Air Mass Meters (MAF), Shutoff valves, etc.. We can produce quick and effective test files that later will become standard to Swiftec functions.
Join us! Together we will make Swiftec break barriers!
We would like to send our thanks to our customers David, Erhan, Juergen, Panagiotis, Pedro, Qal, Richard and Zsolt! Who helped us to make this!

Swiftec - Another release ready!

Another release ready!
Some new nice features added and also some fixes for our current solutions.

After some research from our team we have added new way of detection DTCs to remove on EDC17 we are proud to anouce that a perfect DTC Removal tool for this ecus is created, but only for full reads as it is only way to assure that all is 100% done. It's not need any additional steps from customer, just load file you have to Swiftec and it will automatically detects what type of file is loaded and decide what way to use - new or old.

We also started adding to our Map Recognition Module and to DPF Removal Module the newest VAG EDC17C64 BOSCH ecus on 3 diferent engine configurations (1.6TDI 105hp, 2.0TDI 150HP, 2.0TDI 184HP).

Full list of changes you can see as usually below: