Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Swiftec Get more than 200 new and updated solutions!

In this new release there are more than 200 new and improved solutions, all of them already available for download as result of an incredible work made by our development, research and support teams! We will highlight some most interesting and imporant solutions present on this release.
Now GPF/OPF Removal Module has support for FORD with BOSCH MG1CS016, HYUNDAI with SIEMENS SIM2K-250!
For Burbles Activation Module we added support for ALFA ROMEO with BOSCH ME7.9.10, and took a deeper look at VAG with Siemens Simos 8.x and 18.x families, also extending the coverage.
DTC Removal Module supports now LAND ROVER with BOSCH MED17.8.3 and PORSCHE with BOSCH MG1CS047!
In EGR and Flaps / Swirl Removal Module, we have developed completely new solutions for OPEL with BOSCH EDC16C9 / EDC16C39, improving the precision of the changes applied to have the best final result. Also in EGR, we introduced support for MERCEDES TRUCK with TEMIC MCM!
Another good news are ADBlue Removal Module support for BMW with BOSCH MD1CP002, JCB with DELPHI DCM3.3 and KAMAZ with CUMMINS CM2880.
Speed Limiter Removal Module now can be used for HYUNDAI with DELPHI DCM3.7.
Last but not the least, many solutions were added to Readiness Calibration Module and Lambda/O2 Removal Module!
As usually, you can check our complete list of changes below!