Thursday, December 15, 2016

Swiftec - Christmas and New Year Update! Get New Exclusive and Unique solutions with Amazing Special Limited XMAS Promotion Program!

Santa almost knocking in our doors and we are also here to bring you next great news about Swiftec!
As you all know already we run Special Limited XMAS Promotion Program ( you can read more about it here: ), but we want  to extend it for our current customers by offering 30% discount for credits and 50% discount for checksum modules! To be elegible to get it its mandatory to have active subscription and payment must be done till 31st of December 2016!
Second good news, today we released new update for Swiftec, it have big big list of new features and improvements as usually, and as usually we will point most important ones! So, we continue add new solutions for DTC Removal module to make coverage of it so wide as possible, this time we analyzed around 500 firmwares of Siemens SID305 / SID306 and thanks to that since now you can delete DTCs from any Nissan and Renault equipied with it! More and more new tractors get supported by ADBLUE Removal module, some solutions were updated to be sensorless! Furthermore we had researched Marelli MJ9D and now it is possible to remove DPF from vehicles equiped with it, like Fiat or Lancia by DPF Removal module! Speed Limiter Removal module got support for Toyota Denso 2016 MY! And even more important news, we finally got some time to research ECUs from Cummins family and already have success with it, as first step we made Dodge with Cummins CM21xx and now it is possible to remove DPF, EGR or O2 components from vehicle using Swiftec!
As usually we want to thank all of customers who was cooperated with us in preparation of this update, but especially Habib, Jari Les and Yan!
Below you may find complete list of change in this update:

Monday, October 17, 2016

Swiftec New Exclusive ADBlue Removal solutions for Trucks and Tractors with Temic and Bosch ECUs!

Less than a month has passed and VCPowerTeam is back with new GREAT update, ready for our customers! As usual and as you are used to, we prepared new EXCLUSIVE solutions for you, and other lots of improvements! As the total list of updates is very big, same as previous news, we will mark most important items fr om there! First of all, we still increase coverage of Adblue Removal module for Temic ECUs, and with this release we happilly announce its support now, not only Temic PLD, but also Temic PLD2 and Temic ACM / MCM. Current list of supported Trucks / Tractors can be found on dedicated module page, but another good new is that basically every Truck or Tractor equipped with those ECUs can be done by our team with your cooperation - just contact us! Also there's added solutions for different Tractors with Bosch EDC17CV41/44/54! Next important thing, is the update for DTC Removal Module. From now on it supports Mercedes with Delphi CRD3.x, and during the preparation of this update we have analysed and researched above 500 original firmwares from this ECU family to make so good coverage of solution, and so stable work as possible for our customers! We cannot forget about massive update of EGR Removal module wh ere lots of new solutions have been introduced and most of them can be used with EGR actuator disconnected! These were the main points of the update, but complete list of changes are described below!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Swiftec - ADBLUE Removal for MERCEDES TRUCKs, Automatic maps for DSG DQ250 MQB and really much more!

Vacations passed, but work was not stopped here and we were not relaxing at all, now we are happy to announce new really great update for Swiftec software that gives to our customers new and improved solutions! Below you would find big big list of changes made in software modules and it's easy to lost in it, that's why we would like to focus you on most of major things you will get with the update. So, first of all it's ADBLUE Removal module support for Mercedes Truck with Temic PLD EU5 and HOWO with Denso! On DPF Removal module it's AEBI Smidth with Bosch EDC17CP52, FORD with Bosch EDC17_CP05 and FORD with BRAND NEW Bosch EDC17_C70! Another HOT thing - it's support for Automatical map recognition module of John Deere with Phoenix Lxx and hottest DSG DQ250 MQB! Sure we did not forget about another modules and meanwhile there's lots of new and improved solutions for DTC, EGR, O2, SWIRL and TVA Removal modules!
This update could not be done without help of all our customers and we another time send them thanks for great support of us!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Swiftec *NEW* TVA Removal module and much more!

Here's the new update for Swiftec we're still opening new horizonts and much more is yet to come! We allways pursuit to offer our customers the best tool in the world without any limits! Main news of this update, NEW TVA (Throttle valve actuator) Removal Module, you can read about it here but we sure everyone already knows for what its needed, as always module works by one click with Swiftec. Supported car list is not very big at start, but as usualy we will improve it at each release to cover more and more units so do not hesitate to request us solutions for not supported units yet. Next good news, as VAG with SIMOS 18 is supported over OBD by any major flasher on market we prepared Lamba / O2 solution for it, you may find it with this release already! DTC Removal module does not stop also and it gets support for new ECUs, one of example brilliant job done by our RnD department it's support of Opel PSG16! Sure it's not only this that we have prepared for our customers with this update, below you can find another not less amazing developments from VCPowerTeam, ex. rare Kubota with Denso, now it's possible to remove EGR and DPF with Swiftec, also there's important ADBLUE OFF solution for Iveco with Bosch EDC17CV41, lots updated solutions which are sensorless now, support of DTC OFF for Deutz EDC16UC40 and much more!
As always we would like to thank everyone of our customers who helps us and for this update especially Aleksej!

TVA Removal module *NEW*
Support for Mercedes with CRD2 has been added.
    *IMPORTANT* TVA plug must be disconnected!
Support for Mini with EDC16C35 has been added.
    *IMPORTANT* TVA plug must be disconnected!
Support for VAG with EDC17_CP04 has been added.
    *IMPORTANT* TVA plug must be disconnected!
Support for VAG with EDC17_C54 has been added.
    *IMPORTANT* TVA plug must be disconnected!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Swiftec Moving forward - never stops!

Summer almost came but it's not time to relax and VCPowerTeam is always moving forward together with our customers! Swiftec always gets improved and it doesn't depend on time of the year.
Today we proudly release new update! Our Torque Monitoring disable module has really big popularity and it's a big help for a lot of tuners. This release we updated and improved it a lot. StartStop disable function now is avaiable for Mercedes also same as Speed Limiter Removal for old but still very popular ME2.x! For ADBlue and DPF Removal module, following the wishes of customers we added new solutions and also updated old ones, so lots of them are sensorless now! Sure we did not forgot about EGR and Lambda/O2 Removal modules and happy to introduce huge list of new solution for it! There's also one more good news for our customers, it's DTC Removal module we introduced now support of VAG with Simos 10.xx and some Tractors with Bosch EDC7! Below you would find full list of changes of update.
Above all we would like thank all of our customers who helped us a lot to make this release available!

Monday, May 23, 2016

MERCEDES MED17.7.3 - New map file deleloped by our R&D Department!

Thanks to our hard working team in the MAP Department it was possible to create a unique map pack for Mercedes 63AMG!
This map will enable each costumer to work the tuning of this cars with maximum precision possible.
No need to waste time looking for it and creating each one on other softwares Swiftec have it all!
Maps included:

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Swiftec New update, new features!

Torque Monitoring Disable module *NEW*
Support for Fiat with Bosch EDC17_C49 has been added!
Support for Jeep with Bosch EDC17_C49 has been added!
Support for Jeep with Bosch EDC17_CP27 has been added!
Support for Mercedes with Delphi CRD3 has been added!
More variations of BMW with Bosch EDC17_CP02 has been added!
More variations of Honda with Bosch EDC17_CP06 has been added!
More variations of Mercedes with Delphi CRD2 has been added!
More variations of Opel with Bosch EDC17_C19 has been added!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Swiftec Happy Easter update!

Easter is coming but we are not slowing rythm of work and with big pleasure, we are now ready to show up our customers new update for Swiftec! As always it have lots of new features and plenty of improvements, for example we continue developing sensorless solutions following requests of  our customers, added support for Siemens SIMOS 8, 10, 12, 18 and newest Bosch MED17/EDC17 for VAS Import Module. There's some brand new solutions for BETA testing were placed to DPF Removal Module v1, for example Chevrolet / Opel Delco E7x and E8x and  DPF Removal for Toyota 3.0 and above engines with Denso ECUs that sometimes had a associated limp mode. One more good news that with this update you would find also BETA solution for remove Adblue on Volvo Trucks with TRW EMS2!
Another important and really geat thing, especially for South American customers, we have spended some time developing  and we are ready to make Gasoline to Ethanol conversion for PSA with Bosch ME7 "on board" through our modified file service!
As usually we would like to thank every customer that help us, specially on this update to Adam, Bartlomiej, Janis and Joao!

VCPowerTeam wish Happy Easter to You and your Family!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Swiftec Another update with big list of new features and improvements!

New Year started and we do not stop intensivity of Swiftec development! New and New features has been added in this release, and previous solutions always get improved and as result of that more stable and universal Swiftec! Our customers as usually helps us a lot with it! Special thanks this time goes to Adam, Nuno Miguel, Pedro, Sinan!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Swiftec Never stops! New release is here!

New Year came and new update for Swiftec came also! New features and lots of improvements as usually free for our customers with active subscription! Thanks for all customers for supporting us and special thank for help in preparation of this release goes to Dean, Erhan, Juergen and Sinan!

Torque Monitoring Disable module *NEW*
Support for BMW with Bosch EDC17_C06 has been introduced!
Support for BMW with Bosch EDC17_C41 has been introduced!
Support for BMW with Bosch EDC17_CP02 has been introduced!
Support for BMW with Bosch EDC17_CP45 has been introduced!
Support for Citroen with Bosch EDC17_C10 has been introduced!
Support for Hyundai with Bosch EDC17_C53 has been introduced!
Support for Kia with Bosch EDC17_C53 has been introduced!
Support for Ford with Bosch EDC17_C10 has been introduced!
Support for Opel with Bosch EDC17_C18 has been introduced!
Support for Opel with Bosch EDC17_C19 has been introduced!
Support for Opel with Bosch EDC17_CP47 has been introduced!
Support for Peugeot with Bosch EDC17_C10 has been introduced!
More variations of Mercedes with Delphi CRD2 has been added!