Thursday, December 15, 2016

Swiftec - Christmas and New Year Update! Get New Exclusive and Unique solutions with Amazing Special Limited XMAS Promotion Program!

Santa almost knocking in our doors and we are also here to bring you next great news about Swiftec!
As you all know already we run Special Limited XMAS Promotion Program ( you can read more about it here: ), but we want  to extend it for our current customers by offering 30% discount for credits and 50% discount for checksum modules! To be elegible to get it its mandatory to have active subscription and payment must be done till 31st of December 2016!
Second good news, today we released new update for Swiftec, it have big big list of new features and improvements as usually, and as usually we will point most important ones! So, we continue add new solutions for DTC Removal module to make coverage of it so wide as possible, this time we analyzed around 500 firmwares of Siemens SID305 / SID306 and thanks to that since now you can delete DTCs from any Nissan and Renault equipied with it! More and more new tractors get supported by ADBLUE Removal module, some solutions were updated to be sensorless! Furthermore we had researched Marelli MJ9D and now it is possible to remove DPF from vehicles equiped with it, like Fiat or Lancia by DPF Removal module! Speed Limiter Removal module got support for Toyota Denso 2016 MY! And even more important news, we finally got some time to research ECUs from Cummins family and already have success with it, as first step we made Dodge with Cummins CM21xx and now it is possible to remove DPF, EGR or O2 components from vehicle using Swiftec!
As usually we want to thank all of customers who was cooperated with us in preparation of this update, but especially Habib, Jari Les and Yan!
Below you may find complete list of change in this update: