Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Swiftec - BMW MD1 / MG1 are ready! Exclusive solutions for latest generations of BMW ECUs are already here!

Finally, thanks to the great work of Autotuner team, it's now possible to flash BMWs with latest generation ECUs, Bosch MD1 / MG1 over OBD! With this update Swiftec started to introduce solutions for our customers to be able handle new ECUs in a very simple way as it always was with Swiftec. This update includes Map Detection, Automatic Map Naming, DPF and EGR Removal for BMW Bosch MD1 family, Sport Display Calibration module for BMW with Bosch MD1 and MG1, Speed Limiter module for BMW with Bosch MG1! More solutions will be added in future updates according to our customers needs!
There were also many new features added, O2 Removal for Volvo with Denso VEA, DTC Removal module support for tractors with Bosch EDC17CV5x !
Full list as usually you can find below!