Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Swiftec v1.8.8.7 - SUMMER RELEASE!

We have been puting some effort in making as much updates as possible in order to get Swiftec working better for our costumers. This update is a good example were many things were deeply improved concerning DPF OFF module and of course new ECUs were added/improved on DTC, EGR and SPEED OFF Modules. We would like to thank Chris, Didier, Mickael, Sebastian, Tom and all other customers in helping us by providing some solutions and reporting of bugs.
Also important news, from now on we also opened a modified file service that allow costumer to log into our database and donwload fully dyno tested modified files! To request a modified file that is not in DB yet you may contact with file service by email files@vcpowerteam.com and our tuning specialist will contact you ASAP.
Here's full list of changes for this release:

Monday, July 1, 2013

Swiftec New version new modules! EGR and Speed Limiter Removal Modules, and much more!

As it always was since begining, Swiftec dosen't stop evolving and giving new possibilities to costumers.This time we have added EGR and Speed Limiter Removal Modules making each process fully automatic only needing a small click. Many recent developments to DPF module have fixed many small issues and DPF Removal Module is now better than ever! Some ECUs were even fully re-written to ensure the best results. Lots of new ecus were added to our unique DTC Removal Module increasing exponetially the list making it even more universal.
Long time Drag and Drop problem on Windows Vista/7/8 has been completely solved with this version.
Project DB now is easier to browse because of additional tabs, like : Today, Yesterday, last seven days.
Also important feature has beed added to Projects DB it's possibility to send original only or complete project with all modified files included by mail directly from Swiftec to us with automatically filled details and attached files! It's highly recommended to use this feature to contact our support, as from now, mails with no enough information (Car Brand, Model, Engine; ECU Brand, Model, SW or HW numbers) will not be processed by our support team.

Please check complete list of changes here: