Thursday, February 21, 2019


2019 is passing very fast and our Research and Developemnt (R&D) team does not stop also!
After lots of hard working and fighintg for results in the past few weeks we are now in position to present one more great release with lots of new and unique features! Although we make a big effort to explain them all on our newsletter it is a hard thing to do when u have so many positive news.  Meanwhile to get more information do not forgtet to follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages where we will make more complete explanation of our modules one by one and you can ask any question directly to our team!


Now let's get to business, the real deal, and talk about the great new update.
As mentioned before our R&D team has made an amazing work and we are here to introduce new modules which one you can use just by one click as usually!
Two of the big news are the new modules Burbles Activation Module and Popcorn Activation Module. Are you a big fan of sport cars and they outstanding noise? It is now possible to hear in a usual
car with Swiftec and, as always, just with a simple click!

Other two new amazing features are the Cold Start Noise Reduction Module and the Kickdown Deactivation Module!

These new modules are only available for Full Pack Users. To see complete list of supported cars you can check our modules descriptions in left menu here:

Launch Control Module not being new, has a few updates as almost all BMW EDC17 has been added! So you can offer much better range coverage for your customers now!

In recent updates it was possible to notice that we ae focusing a lot on the new generation Bosch MD1 / MG1. So today, yet another incredible work of R&D team, we present for you support for VAG with MD1_CP004! YES YES! VAG WITH MD1_CP004!!! It is known that there isn't any known tool capable of work it yet, but Swiftec already prepared solutions for you and as soon flashers make support for it you have everything ready to satisfy your customers!

Apart of it, we do not forget to add new solutions for latest generations of BMW so we have added solutions for BMW equipped with Bosch MG1CS024, MG1CS201!

Sure as usually many of already existing solutions got updated, improved or got increased range of supported variations!

Thank you everyone for supporting what we do.