Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Swiftec! First ME7 automatic maps recognition, NEW verified DPF & LAMBDA OFF solutions, Online Originals Database and more!

Past 2 weeks were again hard working ones! And because of that we have many new things to present for our costumers.
First of all, we run our new Online Original Files database, it's available inside costumer area. Same working principle as map packs DB, same easiness and functionality!!
By costumers requests we have now starting to add Bosch ME7 family to our UNIQUE automatic maps recognition module, just added Opel ME7.6.x in it's many engine variations like 1.2, 1.6T,2.0 VXR and much more is still to come..
Also in this time, we have achieved,good feedbacks from costumers, related with DPF OFF module and because of all we were able to do many new unique features and improvements that, for sure will be good news for all our customers.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Swiftec 1.8.6 - New Turning point introduced by Swiftec in tuning world! Siemens SID, MSD8x and Bosch MED17, Marelli MJD8 and Delphi CRD2.x maps for them are now created automatically!

After many hours of true work, dedication and some sleepless nights... :) We are proud to anounce that from now on we will support Automatic Map Naming also for all existing gasoline cars, as an example, we have started in this version support for VAG MED17.1 2.0 engines, and the BMW MSD8x with 35i engines.

Of course many other automatic map naming were also added such as many Siemens SID systems that are possible to be found on many car brands such as Renault, Ford, Peugeot, Citroen! Also newest Marrelli MJD8 ECU and NEWEST Mercedes Delphi CRD2.x on 2.0 engines.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Swiftec 1.8.5 - New revolution! Siemens PPD map are now created automatically! Online Map packs not needed anymore!

New release - new features! Swiftec automatical map recognition module can now detect, name and use all correct conversion values for every single Siemens PPD detected map! No more map packs needed! Swiftec will recognize all maps completly automatical! It was indeed a big step after very hard working we were able to create a new algorithms that will allow us to make the detection also for other Siemens such SID in all their available models! Much more checksums were developed for this month and also new checksum detection has beed added as well DPF OFF module was much improved!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Swiftec 1.8.4 - Lambda/O2 Removal, Denso DPF OFF and more!

Another month gone... and again we keep working hard to improve Swiftec for our costumers! New version come with brand new Lamda/O2 automatic removal module, starting with support for VAG MED9 and PSA/MINI MED17. Denso maps detection was greately improved(now it detects 3x times more maps) that gave us possibility to do automatical map recognition for it also! Autorecognition module now support Marelli 1.3MJD equiped Alfa, Fiat, Opel and Suzuki! MAZDA DPF OFF was hard but its finally ready!!! (Big thanks to Irmantas for testing, testing and ... testing!) as well a lots of changes to DPF removal module done, some parts were completely reworked with much more positive results! Many other things have been done also:

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Swiftec 1.8.3 - New release - new features!

Because time dosent stop, we do not stop also! We proudly present to all our current and future customers new Swiftec release v1.8.3! After many days and nights hardly working on it, this version include many new features and improvements.

New ecus covering many car types were added to our unique automatic recognition module! And many new unique automatic maps detections for cars equipped with Denso MY2011 and FORD EECVI!

Lots of time was spended to develop, test and include into our DPF module fixing old problems with VAG Siemens PPD and PSA EDC16 and many more.

Of course all this could not be done without help and support of our current customer! Big thanks for it!

Full list of changes you can be seen here:

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Swiftec v1.8.2 - Simplifying to improve....

Many improvements done to our Automatical Maps Recognition module allowing now, automatic recognition also for one dimension maps like Torques, Speed Limiters, etc...

Also after very hard work we have made possible the detection of Scania Motorola EMS/EDC S6 maps(around 100-140 maps per file and all of them 100% correct). Swiftec finds not only two dimensional maps, but also one dimensional maps! All this work at Scania ECU also gave us the possibility of developing the automatic maps recognition feature for it that we also have included in this release.

New checksums released, old updated, and many of them now support new file sizes. All the new checksums developed are now automatically detected and some old checksums detection was also improved.

Full list of changes you can see below: