Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Swiftec - ADBlue, Flaps and MAF Removal modules are here!

Despite our efforts being concentrated now mostly on the upcoming Swiftec v2.0 we are still doing some serious work on Swiftec v1.x and this update is a proff of that, we added 3 new modules according to our costumers requests and lots of new features, include stability updates to existings ones.

New modules are:
- AdBlue Removal Module -
- Flaps Removal Module
- MAF Removal Module -
We start this modules with not a big range of supported cars at the moment, but it will grow in future, follow our customers needs and depends of our possibilites and customers feedbacks!

With current restructuration of our staff we have started to improve greatly our automatic map detections and also our map packs. For example we have finished VAG EDC17C64 (click to see example) that now includes many important maps and all brand new VAG SIMOS (click to see example) ecus in the variants 12 and 18 and many new things are still to come.

DTC Removal modules also continue to have a evolution and new release is introducing a new DTC detection algorithm for EDC16 that significantly increases accuracy of detection and modification of data sets. This algorithm is based on differential approach, so the more information contained in firmware image file (Full Reads ) more complete modification will be produced.

As always we would like to thank all of our customers for help we got from them and this time especially: Augustin, Chris, Ervin, Nuno, Vladislav, Vladimir and Yasser!

Full list of new changes you can see below!