Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Swiftec Moving forward - never stops!

Summer almost came but it's not time to relax and VCPowerTeam is always moving forward together with our customers! Swiftec always gets improved and it doesn't depend on time of the year.
Today we proudly release new update! Our Torque Monitoring disable module has really big popularity and it's a big help for a lot of tuners. This release we updated and improved it a lot. StartStop disable function now is avaiable for Mercedes also same as Speed Limiter Removal for old but still very popular ME2.x! For ADBlue and DPF Removal module, following the wishes of customers we added new solutions and also updated old ones, so lots of them are sensorless now! Sure we did not forgot about EGR and Lambda/O2 Removal modules and happy to introduce huge list of new solution for it! There's also one more good news for our customers, it's DTC Removal module we introduced now support of VAG with Simos 10.xx and some Tractors with Bosch EDC7! Below you would find full list of changes of update.
Above all we would like thank all of our customers who helped us a lot to make this release available!