Thursday, December 13, 2012

Swiftec v1.8.7.9 Happy Christmas to all our costumers!

Christmas release came out and we wish Happy Christmas to all our costumers! Thanks for helping us doing Swiftec much better and better each time!

Also we would like to remember you about VCPOWERTEAM VACATIONS starting from 14 December to 21 December 2012, back to office 24th December!

And now about changes we made to this version:

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Swiftec v1.8.7.8 DSG Launch control and much more!

As usually, new version of Swiftec is released with plenty of improvements and extra features!

Yes, we know it tooked more time than usual but due to cracking attempts, security efforts, and laywers actions, we were forced to improve Swiftec and at same time work against all this situations. Our efforts are directioned first of all to our costumers and their protection against does that want to get all for free, and secondly to Swiftec itself we want to keep the safest possible against piracy.
Bad news we know, some of our customers were involved in cracking attempts, but thanks to does who informed us about it all of does crackers had Swiftec license discarded and our lawyers are now working on it. We would like remember,that even spreading Swiftec software files is not legal! To prevent unknown complicity to cracking, we recommend not to use any cracked software, install antivirus and do not store password in browsers to access our site, otherwise we will have cancel your license also!
We have plenty of new things to be released including unique solutions not yet available in market but unfortunatly and still due to all this cracking attempts only on future versions of Swiftec will support them.
We would also like to inform that from now on Swiftec will only run if a connection to internet is available. So we advise all costumers that still want to work offline with swiftec to keep older version.

This release includes many special things as complete automatic launch control creation for Temic DSG6 GearBoxes!
New map packs including many DSG maps such Maximum allowed Nm, Upshifting , Downshifting, etc...
Next is finally solved DPF OFF for Honda EDC17 and Opel EDC17, and much more new solutions for DPF OFF have been developed!
Windows 8 support and more languages support have been added, French and Polish! If you would like help us translate Swiftec to your homeland language, you're welcome also!
Sure lots new automatic maps recognition has been added and some O2 OFF solutions.

Of course this release would be hard to be imagined as ready without the help of our customers, and in this version our greetings and thanks fly to Arkadiusz, Augustin, Grezgorz, Joao, Kenny, Maury, Mickael, Miguel, Navdeep, Stan, Vitoldas and sure all others for supporting us!    

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"Summer" Swiftec v1.8.7.6 - Siemens PCR2.1 automatic map recognition and much more!

Vacations time coming and as normal NEW release from VCPowerTeam come!

Possibility of tuning the Siemens PCR2.1 (VIDEO) is the latest and more important news in european tuning industrie and because of that we have made a special automatic map recognition algorithm that makes the hard job of building each of the maps by yourself simple and easy! For Nm table map for example there are "only" 52 similar maps! All together we can say Swiftec makes hundreds of maps being automatically detected, named, converted and associated.

As many customers were requested we also added automatic map recognition of Volvo ME7.

New and fully tested DPF OFF solutions were developed for Nissan Denso, Opel Denso and Subaru Denso, also new algo for Kia/Hyundai EDC16C39 and some changes in many others...

With hard working with our costumers we developed also some new Lambda OFF solutions for Alfa Romeo and Mini!

Good news also because this version was completly reworked to be translated for any other language, and as results, first translations were done, it's German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish languages! Feel free contact us if you would like help to translate Swiftec to your motherland language!

As usually our greetings and thanks fly out to all our customers who helped us with preparation this version, but especially we would like thank: Chris F., Christian H., Grzegorz K., Joao A., Juergen A., Kenny, Maurizio C., Radek Z., Richard W., Terje R.F! 

Below you can check full list of changes introduced:

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Swiftec v1.8.7.5 - Launch Contol module and much more!

New Swiftec out, we would like in short describe most important things introduced by new version.Newest addition to Swiftec is Launch Control module, it will enable any costumer to setup this feature in a big range of cars. We started now with EDC15V and EDC15P, but soon more ecutypes will be added! Many costumers requested us for interpolation modification possibilityand we added it ! DPF OFF emulation mode has been improved a lot! More features and improvements have been added, costumers can check below, but before... As usually we would like to thank all our customers who helped us with preparation this version, but especially we would like thank Dean, Doyen, Dragos, Stefan and Vadim!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Swiftec v1.8.7.3 - Small but powerful update!

New Features
    Automatical Map Recognition: More file types for Mercedes with Delphi CRD2.x has been added!
    DPF Removal 2.0 module: Support for Dodge with EDC16U31 has been added!
    DPF Removal 2.0 module: Support for Mercedes with EDC16CP36 has been added!
    DPF Removal 2.0 module: Support for Mitsubishi with EDC16U31 has been added!
    DPF Removal 2.0 module: Support for Subaru with Denso has been added!
    DPF Removal 2.0 module: Support for 3.0 engine of VAG with EDC17_CP14 has been added!
    DPF Removal 2.0 module: Support for 3.0 engine of Porsche with EDC17_CP14 has been added!
    DPF Removal 2.0 module: More variations of Citroen and Peugeot with EDC16C0/EDC16C34/EDC16CP39 has been added!
    DPF Removal 2.0 module: More variations of Citroen and Peugeot with SID803 has been added!
    DPF Removal 2.0 module: More variations of Opel with EDC17_C19 has been added!
    Lambda/O2 Removal module: More variations of VAG with ME7.1.1 has been added!
    ECU Detection: Support for Temic DSG has been added!
    Project DB: Scrolling automatically to last item when opening list of projects
    Checksum Detection: 'Lucas FH12' automatic recognition for 15KB files has been added!
    Checksum Detection: 'Phoenix John Deere' automatic recognition for 896KB files has been added!
    Checksum Detection: 'Siemens Ford TDCi 04' automatic recognition for 448KB files has been added!
    Checksum Detection: 'Temic DSG' automatic recognition for 416KB files has been added!
    DPF Removal 2.0 module: Support only 2.7/3.0 and Crafters only
    MAP Mode: After switching to MAP mode in list automatically scrolling to Folder name of selected map
    Project DB: Fixed problem with partial showing currently opened project is list of projects

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Swiftec v1.8.7.2!

Porsche ME7.8 and Siemens Continental SDI 3/4 are now covered by our Unique automatical maps recognition module!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Swiftec v1.8.7! New unique solutions with DPF Removal v2.0, MJ8D map recognitions and much more!

New version came out finally and it's with big pleasure that's VCPowerTeam anounces DPF Removal Module v2.0! What's it include?

First, the final and most ideal DPF OFF solution for almost ALL Bosch EDC17 ECUs! After many brain cells burned out we, with precious help from our costumers, we are now able to disable every Bosch EDC17 ECU DPF by Switch. This means no other changes are necessary no other small modifications, it's purely click and go with 100% garantie that all would be perfect with your custumers car.

For some special cases, like Opel EDC17C18/C19/C52 were this switch dosent exist, after lot time of research we have made unique firmware patch, which works same like Switch OFF mode! Big thanks Kenny for basic testing of it! WARNING! At the moment we would run it as BETA test mode, so any comments are welcome!   

For Bosch EDC16 DPF OFF we also developed a new EMULATION technique which allows costumer to purely emulate inside ECU the function of a DPF! This way car will never feel that DPF is not there and all working parameters are maintained as original. (Cruise control problems, car working in safe mod, etc.)

We would also inform you about Marelli MJ8D/MJD8 DPF OFF can be done also by Switch solution now included to Swiftec!

It couldn't be more simple and effective now to remove DPF with Swiftec!

Full list covered cars by DPF Removal Module v2.0 you can check here: