Thursday, January 31, 2013

Swiftec v1.8.8.1 New release with new DTC Removal Module!

New release with new DTC Removal Module! As we said before we have many new things to be introduced into Swiftec, but time is allways a big trouble for us! So we try to put as many updates as possible,this time we developed a new module able to remove dtc code individually.This will meet our costumers needs even more!
Of course we start with some ecus but many more will be added in future, we are allready working on them!

Between all this we still had some time to deeper improve our DPF OFF solutions, such as opel Denso with 1.7 engines now counters will not grow and no regens anymore. Many other DPF OFF solutions were improved.

New Manual has also been created, Anyone can freely download it here!

As always, we would like to thanks our customers for staying with us and helping a lot, especially Andrey, Christian, Grzegorz, John, Juergen, Mickael, Navdeep and Peter!