Thursday, November 26, 2020

Swiftec Black Friday Release! 260+ Solutions!


SWIFTEC SOFTWARE is always evolving, innovating, growing and bringing more useful and better features in every release!

This release brings 264 updates, and yes, as usually, at the distance of One Click!

Our technical support and R&D teams works tirelessly so that SWIFTEC customers always have their expectations and needs fulfilled.

Once again Burbles Activation is one of the most popular modules, having 11 new solutions for several vehicle brands and groups like, for example, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Porsche, PSA or VGA...

Check ADBlue Removal Module, DPF Removal 2.0, EGR Removal, Flaps / Swirl Removal, Lambda/O2 Removal, Popcorn Activation and Speed Limiter Removal as these modules were upgraded a lot in this release, having lots of new and fixed solutions.

As usual, DTC Removal Module improved a lot its support, bringing 68 updates, so we can give the best to our customers by having more precise and correct solutions. Another great point related to DTC module in this release is the fact that now SWIFTEC SOFTWARE covers DTCs in BMW with BOSCH DCU17PC41 and MERCEDES with BOSCH DCU17PC42, thanks to the cooperation with the great team of VF2 Flasher who provided us early access to the first in world complete reads, done by them over Bench mode.

If you are a professional in the chip-tuning business area or if you want to start in this market, you must use the best ECU editing software tool available on the market! SWIFTEC SOFTWARE!

Check our Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions! Buy Swiftec Software, upgrade your pack, get credits, ... We prepared great and unique discounts for our community! UP TO 30% DISCOUNT!!! Only between November 27th and 30th!!!

Enjoy the huge amount of exclusive solutions that you can get from SWIFTEC SOFTWARE, and turn the job that was previously very hard in a very simple single operation.

Here is the complete list for this update: