Friday, December 14, 2018

Swiftec - XMAS Release! BMW with Bosch MD1 and MG1 are on FOCUS!

Christmas release is here!
Not even in holiday season Swiftec stops. We are very proud of the new and improved solutions we have been preparing since the last time. Solutions that only Swiftec is able to provide you.

Finally after lots of work and some sleepless night we are now in position to offer you a lot of fresh features and we want to take this chance to thank you all for your patience and waiting time.

Hoping to help you in a big scale.

Among the many new solutions, the highlights and the main focus goes to:
BMW with newest Bosch MD1 and MG1 ECUs. Our R&D department have done such a great job and words may not be enough to thank them for their tireless availability and work.

1. DTC Removal Module now supports BMW with Bosch MD1 and MG1! This time added: MD1CP002 and MG1CS003.
2. Automatic Maps Recognition Module already working for BMW with Bosch MG1CS003. At the moment it covers F and G series with B48 and B58 engines, all detected maps have map names and real conversion values!
3. Sport displays Clibration Module can handle also BMW with Bosch MG1CS201!
and much more different new and updated solutions!

Our social media pages, Facebook and Instagram, are now totally functional and will be a very helpful way to get closer to all of you.

You can follow us there:

Nevertheless, our website will be working as always.

Just a simple reminder: Christmas discounts started in the late days of November and last till Christmas day.