Monday, October 19, 2020

Swiftec Halloween Release! Check 200+ Solutions!


Another release, another proof that Swiftec is the must have tuning software on an workshop! One more time we prepared 200+ solutions just for you!

We continue to add and update solutions to provide the best product on market to our customers. Every release our solutions cover more and more needs for our community!

Check ADBlue Removal Module, DPF Removal 2.0 Module, EGR Removal Module and Lambda/O2 Removal Module as they were upgraded a lot this release, with both new and fixed solutions.

Once more, one of our exclusive modules is one of the most popular ones. Burbles Activation Module! It brings 9 new solutions and 11 fixed ones, covering different vehicle brands and ECUs. We also improved our solutions coverage in Boost Sensor Calibration Module by adding 5 new solutions.

DTC Removal Module continues to grow in coverage and support, so customers can get more correct and precise solutions.

Do not miss our updates! We have more than 1 400 solutions developed only this year! Just for you!

And... Happy Halloween!

Complete list of changes is below as usually!