Friday, January 27, 2012

Swiftec v1.8.7! New unique solutions with DPF Removal v2.0, MJ8D map recognitions and much more!

New version came out finally and it's with big pleasure that's VCPowerTeam anounces DPF Removal Module v2.0! What's it include?

First, the final and most ideal DPF OFF solution for almost ALL Bosch EDC17 ECUs! After many brain cells burned out we, with precious help from our costumers, we are now able to disable every Bosch EDC17 ECU DPF by Switch. This means no other changes are necessary no other small modifications, it's purely click and go with 100% garantie that all would be perfect with your custumers car.

For some special cases, like Opel EDC17C18/C19/C52 were this switch dosent exist, after lot time of research we have made unique firmware patch, which works same like Switch OFF mode! Big thanks Kenny for basic testing of it! WARNING! At the moment we would run it as BETA test mode, so any comments are welcome!   

For Bosch EDC16 DPF OFF we also developed a new EMULATION technique which allows costumer to purely emulate inside ECU the function of a DPF! This way car will never feel that DPF is not there and all working parameters are maintained as original. (Cruise control problems, car working in safe mod, etc.)

We would also inform you about Marelli MJ8D/MJD8 DPF OFF can be done also by Switch solution now included to Swiftec!

It couldn't be more simple and effective now to remove DPF with Swiftec!

Full list covered cars by DPF Removal Module v2.0 you can check here: