Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Swiftec EVAP and Exhaust Flap Removal Modules are here!

Time is going and Swiftec continues to evolve by innovating, growing and bringing more useful features in every release for our customers! This time is another perfect example of that. As many times requested, we finally implemented two new modules: EVAP and Exhaust Flap Removal Modules! Both of them already came with a huge coverage of vehicles and ECUs, what makes it working out of box immedeatly after you installed it, and yes, as usually, by One Click way!
Beside of these new modules, we never forget the other ones. This time we added many new and unique solutions, and we also improved coverage of existing ones a lot! For example, now Burbles Activation Module supports BMW with Bosch ME9.2, Siemens MSV70, and also PSA with Bosch MEVD17.4.4! OPF Removal Module now have support for Porsche with Bosch MG1CS002, DPF Removal Module is able to handle BMW with Bosch MD1CS001, and DTC Removal Module now support Mercedes with Bosch MG1CP002, more VAG with Bosch MG1 / MD1! Lambda/O2 Removal Module can work on Kia with Kefico CPEGD2.20.x! We can not speak about each new solution, as there are so many. Please check the complete list below, it will really be worth your time!
Here is the complete list for this update:
EVAP Removal Module *NEW*