Monday, June 24, 2019

Swiftec - GPF/OPF Removal module and much more!

We called it holidays but in fact our R&D Department never stoped working and this is why we present you today this outrageous update as promised before.

We proudly present you our newest module: GPF / OPF Removal module. The new brand of cars that are suddenly appearing in the market are not letting us sleep – not even stop for a minute – and for those new modules we have already solutions available.

Another very important update is for support in Volvo and Ford which have Bosch MED9, for Burbles activation module.

Is it or isn’t it a big update? We think so. But it is not over just yet. Speed Limiter on CAN-AM with Bosch MED17.8.5 has also been added!

Ok maybe it’s time to call it a day. Or maybe not. We can’t stop until we give you all the updates, however it’s impossible to nominate them all here one by one and to get to know them a little better, you’ll just have to check the list below.

As always, not only the big updates are important. The idea is to turn Swiftec a little more useful to all of you every new day. So check the updates carefully and celebrate with us once again.

Never forget to mention all the users who contributed to whis new updates and we would like to take this chance to thank them too.

Important note: the new module GPF / OPF Removal module is only available to Full Pack users. So if you are not a Full Pack user, here is a huge opportunity to become one. We can promise you you will not regret it!

Complete list of update you may find below.