Monday, August 17, 2020

Swiftec Happy Summer Release!


Summer... Sun... Beach... No, that is not for Swiftec! Never stopping, doing the best for our customers, constantly improving and moving forward! We proudly present the new HAPPY SUMMER update, including 100 new features + above 100 improved solutions!


There are lots of HOT solutions for Burbles and Popcorn modules! DTC Removal supports now more of the last generation of Bosch MD1 ECUs and also Siemens SID3xx has a much better coverage. Lambda/O2 Removal module also continues to greatly extend support of different and even rare ECUs.


Swiftec is an handy and a must have tool to every mechatronic engineer, with huge coverage of vehicles and unreal amount of solutions for them. Only since the start of this year, Swiftec got more than 1200 new and updated solutions! Save time and money, stop buying files, become a professional, Swiftec will help!


Please check this release complete list of update below!