Thursday, December 10, 2015

Swiftec - Christmas Update! Special Discount Promotion! LIMITED!

New Torque Monitoring Module! Another huge update with new features and improvements! Christmas and New Year is coming and like Santa we have prepared nice gifts to deliver! For everybody that wants to be our customer we prepared Special Discounts in Swiftec purchases and for existing costumers we made a very nice update with new exclusive module and lots of new features and improvements!

First of all we're running Special Discount Promotion for buying new Swiftec license, it start since NOW and will expire 24th of December! Please contact our sales department to know your Personal Discount! IMPORTANT - Promotion valid only for payments done before 25th December! Additionally we would like infom you what our PayPal account is working already and can be used to make FAST Payments!

Second! News about new update!

As you know many tuners face now, with newer ECUs, a new problem the Torque Monitoring function, this functions makes ECU detect if the values of Torque are inconsistant with predefined ones and this will make car go into safe mode when aparently all is ok. Well after many requests we are now able to provide to our Swiftec costumers a workaround to this a new module called Torque Monitoring Disable will enable anyone to tune a car not being worried about this feature contained in most modern  ECUs.

As usually Swiftec disables the functionality of this Function by the click of a button, one more time we hear our costumers and we keep going in same direction and thoughts since we started building our software, our premisse is "Forget The Limits"... In this specific case forget the limit called Torque Monitoring Function with our new Module! :)

One more module added FREE, Swiftec made by tuners for tuners!

There's also very interesting thing in this update, we started adding support for brand new software versions for cars 2015 - 2016 model year which are very different from old ones! For example, it's VAG or Jeep on DPF Removal Module!

DTC Removal Module for Bosch EDC17 family was reworked a lot also, and now, it's possible to add hard ECUs that up to now were done manually, for example Iveco with Bosch EDC17_CP52. As base algorithm is now done, in short future we would increase range of covered ECUs, including all latest ones!

All our customers helped (as allways) a lot, to improve Swiftec and make each update more and more perfect, we would like to thank all of them and especially Aleksej, Artur, Borja, Olivier, Rece, Rich├írd, Sinan. Andjelko, Martin, Miroslav, Nino, Ruslan, Samuele that gave us huge help on preparing this release!

Here's full list of changes coming with this update: