Monday, September 19, 2016

Swiftec - ADBLUE Removal for MERCEDES TRUCKs, Automatic maps for DSG DQ250 MQB and really much more!

Vacations passed, but work was not stopped here and we were not relaxing at all, now we are happy to announce new really great update for Swiftec software that gives to our customers new and improved solutions! Below you would find big big list of changes made in software modules and it's easy to lost in it, that's why we would like to focus you on most of major things you will get with the update. So, first of all it's ADBLUE Removal module support for Mercedes Truck with Temic PLD EU5 and HOWO with Denso! On DPF Removal module it's AEBI Smidth with Bosch EDC17CP52, FORD with Bosch EDC17_CP05 and FORD with BRAND NEW Bosch EDC17_C70! Another HOT thing - it's support for Automatical map recognition module of John Deere with Phoenix Lxx and hottest DSG DQ250 MQB! Sure we did not forget about another modules and meanwhile there's lots of new and improved solutions for DTC, EGR, O2, SWIRL and TVA Removal modules!
This update could not be done without help of all our customers and we another time send them thanks for great support of us!