Monday, October 17, 2016

Swiftec New Exclusive ADBlue Removal solutions for Trucks and Tractors with Temic and Bosch ECUs!

Less than a month has passed and VCPowerTeam is back with new GREAT update, ready for our customers! As usual and as you are used to, we prepared new EXCLUSIVE solutions for you, and other lots of improvements! As the total list of updates is very big, same as previous news, we will mark most important items fr om there! First of all, we still increase coverage of Adblue Removal module for Temic ECUs, and with this release we happilly announce its support now, not only Temic PLD, but also Temic PLD2 and Temic ACM / MCM. Current list of supported Trucks / Tractors can be found on dedicated module page, but another good new is that basically every Truck or Tractor equipped with those ECUs can be done by our team with your cooperation - just contact us! Also there's added solutions for different Tractors with Bosch EDC17CV41/44/54! Next important thing, is the update for DTC Removal Module. From now on it supports Mercedes with Delphi CRD3.x, and during the preparation of this update we have analysed and researched above 500 original firmwares from this ECU family to make so good coverage of solution, and so stable work as possible for our customers! We cannot forget about massive update of EGR Removal module wh ere lots of new solutions have been introduced and most of them can be used with EGR actuator disconnected! These were the main points of the update, but complete list of changes are described below!