Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Swiftec - New StartStop Disable module is now available in Swiftec!

In this new version of Swiftec the VCPowerTeam was mainly focused in improving many of our existing modules but even so we introduced yet a brand new module called START/STOP Disable.

DPF Removal Module received a huge upgrade in fixes for small bugs on various cars, Iveco with Bosch EDC16 was vastly improved, Mercedes with Delphi CRD2 also got some important changes, Marelli MJ8D also got very important update to finally fix problems on some Fiat Ducatos between other brands also.

DTC Removal Module  we improved stability and accuracy at DENSO and BOSCH EDC16. Also we have in development new algorithms for new ECUs and they will be introduced shortly.

EGR Removal got lots of new supported cars and almost all of them received update for fully disconnection of EGR!

Automatic Maps Recognition Module got huge upgrade concerning all BMWs engines with Bosch EDC17 its now working better than ever

ADBlue Removal Module module we continue to add more and more supported cars with simple and effective Switch solution.

Full list of changes you can check below, meanwhile as always, we thanks all our customers for your help and feedback, and this time special thanks goes for Bernard and Ryan!