Thursday, September 9, 2021

Swiftec Lots of new and updated solutions!



As always, Swiftec Software is constantly improving, looking in future and preparing the best features for its community!

Proudly, we present you one more release full of new solutions for a wide list of ECUs, bringing also new vehicles to our coverage, and increasing the quality of our previous solutions by implementing a lot of updates. This time our support and development team prepared 297 solutions for our community!

Everyone in this market knows that DTC removal is one of the hardest jobs to make with perfection. And, in this area, we are the best! Our DTC Removal Module has a great coverage and now it was improved even more. We added new vehicle brands, new ECUs and a lot of new firmware. This will make your job much easier.

And by talking in turning a hard job in a more simple one... Everyone knows that Swiftec Software is the “Click & Go” of the tuning market. Our automatic solutions, split among our modules, allow our users to get a great solution to their problems of the daily job.

For that we have modules like DPF Removal, Hot Start Fix, Speed Limiter Removal, ADBlue Removal, Burbles Activation, Torque Monitoring Disable or Readiness Calibration, for example, that keep getting updates and new options, covering more and more vehicles from different types and extending the coverage to various brands and models of ECUs.

Join our community and enjoy the best solutions and support in the world!

If there is something that you would like to have covered by Swiftec Software or updated in the future, don't worry. We will continue to increase our list of solutions and their effectiveness in the next updates!

Here is the complete list for this update: