Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Swiftec! First ME7 automatic maps recognition, NEW verified DPF & LAMBDA OFF solutions, Online Originals Database and more!

Past 2 weeks were again hard working ones! And because of that we have many new things to present for our costumers.
First of all, we run our new Online Original Files database, it's available inside costumer area. Same working principle as map packs DB, same easiness and functionality!!
By costumers requests we have now starting to add Bosch ME7 family to our UNIQUE automatic maps recognition module, just added Opel ME7.6.x in it's many engine variations like 1.2, 1.6T,2.0 VXR and much more is still to come..
Also in this time, we have achieved,good feedbacks from costumers, related with DPF OFF module and because of all we were able to do many new unique features and improvements that, for sure will be good news for all our customers.

New Features
    Automatical Map Recognition: Support for Opel with Bosch ME7.6.x has been added!
    Lambda/O2 Removal module: Support for VAG with MED17.x has been added!
    DPF Removal module: Support for Honda with Bosch EDC17_CP06 has been added!
    DPF Removal module: Support for Porsche with Bosch EDC17_CP14 has been added!
    DPF Removal module: Support for Iveco with Bosch EDC16C39 has been added!    Checksum Detection: 'IAW 4AF/59F/5AF Euro2-4' automatic recognition for IAW 4AVP with 256KB size has been added!
    DPF Removal module: Support for VAG with Siemens PPD1.2 has been improved!
    DPF Removal module: Volvo with EDC16C31 new file type support has been added
    DPF Removal: BMW with EDC16CP35 has been improved
    DPF Removal: VAG with EDC17_CP44 has been improved
    Lambda/O2 Removal module: VAG with MED9 new file type support has been added
    ECU Detection: Detection of Bosch MED17.x ecu type has been improved
    ECU Detection: Detection of Siemens PSA HW/SW numbers has been improved
    ECU Detection: Detection of Siemens SID803/SID803A ecu type has been improved
    Automatical Map Recognition: Marelli was not working for masked MJD6/MJD8 ECU types in project properties

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