Monday, April 5, 2010

Swiftec OUT!!!

DPF Removal module, Denso and Rotax maps automatical detection, improved ECU detections, and much more...
All modules developed by VCPowerTeam are absolutely FREE for our customers!!!
    New DPF Removal module: New *BETA* module! (FREE!)
    New DPF Removal module: Bosch EDC15, EDC16, EDC17 support has been added (FREE!)
    New DPF Removal module: Siemens SID, PPD support has been added (FREE!)
    New DPF Removal module: Marelli MJD support has been added (FREE!)
    New Automatical maps detection: Denso maps supported
    New Automatical maps detection: Siemens Rotax maps supported
    New ECU Detection: Denso automatical detection
    New ECU Detection: Siemens Rotax automatical detection
    New 3D mode: switching between original and modified
    New 2D mode: shortcut keys for previous(F1)/next(F2) differences has been addded
    New 2D mode: go previous map function(F3) has been addded
    Improved MAP mode: last used view(normal,difference or percentage) gets remebered now
    Improved MAP Manager: deletion last usermap remove umap from DB
    Improved Checksum 'Bosch EDC16+' v1.5: RSA calculation algo improved
    Improved Checksum 'Bosch EDC16' v1.2: RSA calculation algo improved
    Fixed Project DB: I/O error with read-only files
    Fixed Checksum 'Bosch EDC16+' v1.4: areas detection algo corrected
    Fixed Checksum 'Siemens 5WS Rover SID8' v1.5: calculation algo corrected
    Fixed Minor bugs are fixed
Pic.1. Denso maps automatical detection messagePic.2. Denso maps automatical detected with 2D mode
Pic.3. Siemens MSE (Rotax) maps automatical detection messagePic.4. Siemens MSE (Rotax) maps automatical detected with 2D mode

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